Want to make a difference in your community?

Invest in the lives of children and youth in your neighborhood.


Decide/ Inside

Each year, over 2.2 million children and youth enter the juvenile justice system in the United States. Over 75% of these young people were raised in a home where there wasn’t a father, and nearly 80% will be arrested again as an adult. We need to break the cycle. These young people need the hear God’s Truth in their situation. Through OneHope, you and your church can volunteer to reach these young people.

Visit the OneHope website for more information about Decide/ Inside and free resources.


My Broken Palace

In the United States, millions of teens struggle daily with self-injury, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, addiction, and thoughts of suicide. My Broken Palace is committed to providing a safe, online community where teens can offer encouragement to others, discuss personal issues, pray, get help and express their faith through poetry and art. The My Broken Palace Prayer Wall travels throughout America to festivals, concerts, events, schools and churches and shares God’s Truth with these teens.

 You can:

  • Order the My Broken palace Book of Hope to give to broken teens in your area here
  • Host your very own My Broken Palace event, and construct your living Prayer Wall. Mobilize an arts exhibit where young people can express their faith through art, music, words, and video
  • Encourage young people to visit www.mybrokenpalace.com and share their stories, artwork, prayer needs, or to find encouragement and community.

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