• God’s Truth for the Disabled

    God’s Truth for the Disabled

    One of our friends here at God’s Truth Project has a burden and passion to reach people with disabilities with the Gospel. Dan’l uses Luke 14:12-24 to both encourage those with disabilities and call the church to action.

    Check out these facts:  

    • According to the World Health Organization 10% of the world’s population has a disability.  With a world population today of 7 billion that translates to 700 million people who have a disability.
    • Only 5% to 10% of the world’s people affected by disability are effectively reached with the Gospel.
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  • God’s Truth for Christians

    What is God’s Truth declaring to us today? Andy explores this question. What do you think?


    God’s Truth for Christians

    I am a Christian.  I have often believed lies.

    We all resonate with compelling causes:  “God’s Truth for…child soldiering…human trafficking…[insert cause you are passionate about here]….”  When we see grievous injustices taking place, a voice rises up within us and shouts, “No! This must end!”

    If you are reading this, chances are you are NOT a child soldier or a victim of human trafficking. 

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  • Polaroids

    At our God’s Truth event, we wanted to find out how God’s Truth touches people’s lives. So- we decided to record what each person said on polaroids. Needless to say- we’ve collected a lot of them. Here are some we loved.



    For more info on how to throw your own event and for some creative ideas of how to advocate for spiritual justice, visit our website.

    What are you doing? Let us know and you could be featured on our blog!

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  • God’s Truth for Japan by Taka Ohki

    We are launching our “God’s Truth for…” series. This series will focus on how God’s Truth can bring life in a specific situation. Here is Taka’s view on how the Truth of God’s Word can change the lives of the people in his home nation of Japan. 


    Japan has been brought down, but it has been able to bring itself back to its feet economically, politically, and socially. This nation once prouded itself to be Asia’s dominant power during the World War, but had to admit its defeat. Read more >