• God’s Truth for Japan by Taka Ohki

    We are launching our “God’s Truth for…” series. This series will focus on how God’s Truth can bring life in a specific situation. Here is Taka’s view on how the Truth of God’s Word can change the lives of the people in his home nation of Japan. 


    Japan has been brought down, but it has been able to bring itself back to its feet economically, politically, and socially. This nation once prouded itself to be Asia’s dominant power during the World War, but had to admit its defeat. Read more >

  • Paper Flower

    We believe that everyone has the right to receive God’s Word. God’s Word brings truth, life, hope and purpose.

    In Japan, 13% of girls participate in enjo kosai (“compensated dating”). In order to keep up with the current trends, these young girls are often required to perform sexual favors to earn money and material goods.

    In partnership with Toy Gun Films, we have produced our second short film Paper Flower for the youth of Japan. The film discusses issues such as family, sex, relationships, suicide and academic pressure.

    Read more >