• God’s Truth in the Darkness

    Roxie, our wonderful God’s Truth Project intern, shares how God’s Truth has brought light into her life. How has God’s Truth impacted your daily reality?


    God’s Truth in the Darkness

    Growing up I was petrified of the dark. I felt like the darkness was alive with ethereal beings halfway between this world and another. All of my nightmares, insecurities, and fears were manifested in its oppressive presence. I couldn’t see my monsters, but I was positive that they could see me, and I felt helpless and powerless in response. Read more >

  • Get Involved with God’s Truth Project

    God’s Truth Intern Hannah created this fantastic info graph to show to you can get involved with God’s Truth Project! Check it out! Read more >

  • God’s Truth for Amanda

    Here’s Amanda’s view of God’s Truth. How do you apply God’s Truth to your life?


    God’s Truth for Amanda

    I was playing a pretend princess game with a young girl I know. We were dressed in pretty pink dresses and sat outside sipping our “tea” and doing princessy things. “I’m married,” she said, with her baby doll “child” sitting next to her. And, yes, she also had a prince. As we continued to talk she said something that really surprised me, “I used to be married to this other king, but then he kicked me out of my bed for another queen, so I divorced him!” She is seven years old and this is her pretend world.

    Read more >