• God’s Truth for Diandra

    Diandra Hoskins shares her struggle to apply the truth of the Gospel to her daily life.

    Have you had this challenge?


    God’s Truth for Diandra

    This is a question I have always wrestled with- what impact can I make on the world? What does my calling to ministry mean and look like? How can I change the world? How do I pursue and live a just life?

    I grew up as a missionary kid. I’ve grown up seeing the worst kinds of poverty, being exposed to the most horrific tragedies, and the evilest injustices. Read more >

  • God’s Truth for Christians

    What is God’s Truth declaring to us today? Andy explores this question. What do you think?


    God’s Truth for Christians

    I am a Christian.  I have often believed lies.

    We all resonate with compelling causes:  “God’s Truth for…child soldiering…human trafficking…[insert cause you are passionate about here]….”  When we see grievous injustices taking place, a voice rises up within us and shouts, “No! This must end!”

    If you are reading this, chances are you are NOT a child soldier or a victim of human trafficking. 

    Read more >