• Not just another Internship…

    Don’t want to get stuck making copies this summer? Want to learn something that you can actually apply later in life?

    The 2trees Internship exists to develop the next generation to equip the Church to do the work of the Church.  A collaborative internship, 2trees’ primary partners are OneHope and Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.

    The internship is 10 weeks. For Summer 2013: Move in weekend is May 25-27.  Orientation is May 28 and the program concludes August 2. Applications are due by Monday, April 8, 2013. Read more >

  • Urbana 2012!!

    We just got back from Urbana 2012 in Kansas City, MO with our friends from Decide Inside! Were you there? Tell us your favorite part in the comments below!


    Most juvenile offenders are fatherless and lack any sort of positive male role model. A majority will return to the system once released, often as adults. This cycle has continued for decades.

    The Decide Inside is an engagement program for juvenile offenders. It is a comprehensive multi-media approach designed exclusively for churches, ministries and organizations to connect, engage, mentor, provide community and minister to juvenile offenders throughout North America. Read more >

  • God’s Truth Project Scavenger Hunt

    We had a great time this weekend at the God’s Truth Project Scavenger Hunt in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Teams learned about how God’s Truth speaks into different situations and posted photos to Twitter under the #gtp_fl hashtag.

    Here are just a few of the photos!


    Interested in hosting your own event? Check out our Host An Event page!

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  • God’s Truth for Taylor University

    Quick shout out to Taylor University for hosting us at World Opportunities Week! We had a great time finding out what students are passionate about and dreaming about how we can bring the Truth of God’s Word to children and youth around the world!

    Interested in God’s Truth Project coming to your university? Let us know! We’d love to dream with you about how OneHope and God’s Truth Project can help you bring God’s Word to children and youth!


    Contact us here. Read more >

  • Get Involved with God’s Truth Project

    God’s Truth Intern Hannah created this fantastic info graph to show to you can get involved with God’s Truth Project! Check it out! Read more >

  • Event-in-a-box

    We just hosted a God’s Truth Event in our city!

    Interested in hosting your own? Request a event-in-a-box.

    God’s Truth Project – Event in a Box from OneHope on Vimeo.

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  • Polaroids

    At our God’s Truth event, we wanted to find out how God’s Truth touches people’s lives. So- we decided to record what each person said on polaroids. Needless to say- we’ve collected a lot of them. Here are some we loved.



    For more info on how to throw your own event and for some creative ideas of how to advocate for spiritual justice, visit our website.

    What are you doing? Let us know and you could be featured on our blog!

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  • New T-Shirts!

    The new God’s Truth Project shirts are in! Grab yours today.

    Buy a T-Shirt. Every dollar given above the suggested amount of $10 will help us reach 3 children and youth with God’s Word.

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  • Creative Lab

    We love seeing young people using their talents for the Kingdom. The Creative Lab is an amazing example. This collaboration between OneHope and UCB has created an environment where young people can use their abilities to create print, video and design elements that are then used to tell the lost about Jesus.


    The Creative Lab is a year in mission spent working and traveling around Europe, spreading the Gospel in a creative way.  It consists of a team of creative young people, living and working together with their gifts and talents, to develop programs and content for youth in countries all across Europe. Read more >