• God’s Truth for Diandra

    Diandra Hoskins shares her struggle to apply the truth of the Gospel to her daily life.

    Have you had this challenge?


    God’s Truth for Diandra

    This is a question I have always wrestled with- what impact can I make on the world? What does my calling to ministry mean and look like? How can I change the world? How do I pursue and live a just life?

    I grew up as a missionary kid. I’ve grown up seeing the worst kinds of poverty, being exposed to the most horrific tragedies, and the evilest injustices. Read more >

  • God’s Truth in the Darkness

    Roxie, our wonderful God’s Truth Project intern, shares how God’s Truth has brought light into her life. How has God’s Truth impacted your daily reality?


    God’s Truth in the Darkness

    Growing up I was petrified of the dark. I felt like the darkness was alive with ethereal beings halfway between this world and another. All of my nightmares, insecurities, and fears were manifested in its oppressive presence. I couldn’t see my monsters, but I was positive that they could see me, and I felt helpless and powerless in response. Read more >