• God’s Truth for Christians

    What is God’s Truth declaring to us today? Andy explores this question. What do you think?


    God’s Truth for Christians

    I am a Christian.  I have often believed lies.

    We all resonate with compelling causes:  “God’s Truth for…child soldiering…human trafficking…[insert cause you are passionate about here]….”  When we see grievous injustices taking place, a voice rises up within us and shouts, “No! This must end!”

    If you are reading this, chances are you are NOT a child soldier or a victim of human trafficking.  You, most likely, are a Christian desiring to live out your faith and see these atrocities eradicated from the earth.  You want to see God’s Truth counteract the obvious and offensive lies that allow these systems to operate and bring freedom to those who have been affected by them.  But what about the subtle lies…the ones that often go unnoticed…the lies that affect not only victims of child soldiering and human trafficking but you and I?  They may not be as obvious and offensive but they are just as real and damaging.

    I have been a Christian for a long time.  In recent years God has been revealing Truth to me, exposing lies I have often believed:  God isn’t pleased with me, I have to earn his approval, I have to do more, I don’t have what it takes.  Just like the older brother in the story of the prodigal son who had been striving year after year for the acceptance, approval, and inheritance that healready had, I needed to hear  God’s Truth, “My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.” (Luke 15:31)

    God does NOT want to just use you to declare the message of his Truth to others (though declare we will).  He wants to pour out his perfect love in your life to remove all fear and striving so that you can live the message of God’s Truth (that you are already totally accepted, perfectly loved, and lack no good thing).  As the Lord gives us the privilege of declaring His Truth to bring freedom to every corner of this planet, I have found that He is also, through the Holy Spirit, declaring his Truth to bring freedom to every corner of our hearts.

    God’s Truth is desperately needed to liberate the captives of systemic injustice in our world today, but God’s Truth is also needed to liberate the captives of the subtle lies which rob us of our confidence, joy and inheritance in the Lord.  When I see these lies affecting my own life or the lives of those I love, something rises up within me and shouts, “No!  This must end!” 

    What Truth is God declaring in your life?

    -Andy Lehmann


    Andy Lehmann is a Pennsylvania native now living in South Florida (recently trading his hiking boots for an extra pair of flip flops). He was once a contestant on the Price is Right, though not very successfully. Andy is very involved in his local church (The Harbour Church, Fort Lauderdale), and having traveled extensively with OneHope in the past, Andy now connects with churches regarding missions.

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