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    The new God’s Truth Project shirts are in! Grab yours today.

    Buy a T-Shirt. Every dollar given above the suggested amount of $10 will help us reach 3 children and youth with God’s Word.

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  • God’s Truth for Amanda

    Here’s Amanda’s view of God’s Truth. How do you apply God’s Truth to your life?


    God’s Truth for Amanda

    I was playing a pretend princess game with a young girl I know. We were dressed in pretty pink dresses and sat outside sipping our “tea” and doing princessy things. “I’m married,” she said, with her baby doll “child” sitting next to her. And, yes, she also had a prince. As we continued to talk she said something that really surprised me, “I used to be married to this other king, but then he kicked me out of my bed for another queen, so I divorced him!” She is seven years old and this is her pretend world.

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  • God’s Truth for Slavery

    Jacob’s Story from Unearthed on Vimeo.

    I love this mini-documentary because it expresses exactly what the heart of God’s Truth Project is, and that is this, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. I think that the executive director of Unearthed, Tony Anderson shows incredible insight when he says,


    “Even if we were to rescue every victim of sex trafficking today there is still gonna be a demand for millions and millions and millions of new slaves tomorrow.

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  • Creative Lab

    We love seeing young people using their talents for the Kingdom. The Creative Lab is an amazing example. This collaboration between OneHope and UCB has created an environment where young people can use their abilities to create print, video and design elements that are then used to tell the lost about Jesus.


    The Creative Lab is a year in mission spent working and traveling around Europe, spreading the Gospel in a creative way.  It consists of a team of creative young people, living and working together with their gifts and talents, to develop programs and content for youth in countries all across Europe. Read more >