In partnership with Toy Gun Films, we have produced our second short film, Paper Flower, for the youth of Japan. This film will be used as a platform for discussion about the most critical issues Japanese youth are facing: family and relationship problems, sex, academic pressure, and suicide. God’s Truth offers a message of hope and healing and the youth of Japan are in need of this Truth. Be a part of the movement.
Goal: 41,000 children and youth in Japan with God’s Truth.
Give: Just 33 cents will reach 1 Japanese student with God’s Truth.
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Host a screening of Paper Flower to create awareness and raise funds for spiritual justice for Japanese youth.

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Spiritual Justice – the right for all to receive God’s Truth to bring hope to their situation.The issue of suicide devastates Japan. In recent years, 22% of the total suicides have been from people 19 and under.*

“Some estimates have put the number of school-aged girls practicing enjo kosai at about 13%, and a Tokyo survey by Friday magazine found that an astonishing 75% of schoolgirls reported that they had been solicited by older seeking an enjo kosai relationship.” *

Enjo Kosai (compensated dating)- a socially acceptable practice of prostitution where young girls are given money or luxury
gifts for sexual favors.

Hikikomori (social withdrawal) – most commonly young men choosing to be isolated from society, known as “shut-ins”