We work in over 125 countries and bring children and youth the Good News.

We want to give children the Truth of the Gospel in a way that is relevant, sustainable and effective.

  • Contextualized

    We don’t just give a child a book and ask them to understand it. We use research and work with local churches and leaders to create programs that will speak the daily realities of children in that nation. The needs of a teen in Tokyo are different than a child in rural Peru or an orphan in Mumbai. We want to make sure the Gospel speaks hope into their specific situations. Want to see this research for yourself? Check it out.

  • Localized

    We believe in the church. They know the culture and the needs of their young people. That’s why we empower indigenous, local church bodies to implement and distribute projects. That way, not only does the church take responsibility for their communities, but children have a church family to help them grow in and strengthen their faith.

  • Outcomes-Based

    We want to make sure what we’re doing is effective. We don’t just create a program and then leave it- we continue to evaluate them. When we see that children aren’t engaging with Scripture or seeing change in their lives, we go back to the drawing board. That way, as culture and the needs of the generation changes- so do we. Although we are constantly growing and innovating, our message is consistent. Jesus is Good News, and we believe that He can transform the World.

    Want to learn more about OneHope and how they bring the Gospel to over 90 million children and youth every year? Visit their website.

  • Cost

    We want to reach as many children as possible in the most effective way possible. We’ve worked hard to streamline our efforts to get children the Gospel in the most responsible way. We do things like print in the country the programs will be used to keep the cost down. That’s why it’s only 33 cents to reach one child. Every dollar touches three young lives. Just think: if those three children accept Christ and share what Jesus has done with one of their friends, who then shares with one their friends… The implications are incredible.

    Want to take a look at the numbers? They’re online.